Background Paper for June 2011 Meeting



  2. Performance under Annual Credit Plan as on September 2010   Page I     Page II    Page III
  3. Bankwise Credit Deposit Ratio     Page I    Page II    Page III

  5. Performance of Govt. sponsored schemes : SGSY     Page I    Page II
  6. Performance of Govt. sponsored schemes : SJSRY     Page I    Page II
  7. Performance of Govt. sponsored schemes : PMEGP     Page I   

  9. Details of :     KCC    Artisan Credit Card    Swarozgar Credit Card    GCC    Crop Loan
  10. Details of Recovery of Govt. sponsored schemes :     PMEGP    PMRY    SGSY    SJSRY

  12. Recovery position :     KVIC     Agri. Sector    Industries    Services    Crop Loan
  13. Advances to Priority Sector & Sensitive Sector :     Priority Sector    Sensitive Sector
  14. Flow of Credit to :     SME     Transport Operator

  16. Bank wise, District wise Branch Network :     Population Wise    District Wise
  17. Credit Flow to MSME sector     Page I    Page II

  19. Banking Profile     Page I    Page II


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